Natal Uranus conjunct the Ascendant

When Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, conjuncts a native’s Ascendant, the main influence it imposes is a rather eccentric character. Such kind of people like living unorthodox lives and move off the beaten path. Their way of thought is rather unconventional, with a lot of rebellious outbreaks. They do not like rules and can even frequently get in trouble with state bureaucracy, mostly because they are careless and do not care about the laws of their country. Uranus conjunct the Ascendant makes the native’s behavior rather weird and chaotic.

Most of the times they are consciously aware of it and enjoy being provocative towards the norms of the society that they live in. Strange clothes that catch attention, eccentric haircuts and general look are very frequent for them. Uranus conjunct the Ascendant usually gives a tall body; the native can be significantly taller than both of his parents and other relatives. Also, such kind of natives can have a weird way of walking – even if there does not exist an apparent problem with their body and legs. Many times, Uranus rising can create a revolutionary without cause.

The person just has an internal need to confront the system around him, no matter if there is a real need for change. He receives joy from provocation and discord, and even negative comments about him can boost his ego. He likes to be different from the mass and being ostracized is for him a medal reward and not a punishment. Uranus rising people enjoy feeling as heroes of some kind, and constantly fantasize about becoming so in reality.

Of course, some of them indeed reach such kind of achievements! Their unusual aura can be instantly noticed by people around them because the planet makes it quite electrifying. Usually, people either instantly like them or dislike them; these natives with Uranus conjunct the Ascendant cannot just pass unnoticed. Even if they are frequently parts of big groups of people, they always keep their individuality and prefer to have an air of a lone wolf. In case that Uranus is in the 12th and not in the 1st house, the native can indeed be haunted by devastating internal loneliness, which he carefully hides. This loneliness can be created without an apparent reason, as he might indeed have a lot of friends and acquaintances. Nevertheless, his restlessness is connected with deeper existential questions. Feelings of vanity can isolate him furthermore from the world outside him, even if his behavior appears to be totally normal and friendly towards everyone.

Generally, when Uranus is located in the 12 house and near the Ascendant, the individual can develop a lot of fears and phobias. His sleep pattern can be totally chaotic or he will suffer from insomnia. Nightmares and unpleasant experiences during sleeping can plague him, while there is a great possibility that he becomes a night owl, avoiding sleeping during the dark hours. This mostly happens because he enjoys being awake during the night; if he works from home then the nightly hours are frequently a lot more productive than any other time of the day. In case that Uranus is located in the 1st house, yet still conjunct the Ascendant, it creates a rather extroverted person, proud of his uniqueness and with a lot of tendencies to show off.

They attract similar types of people as friends; everyone who is not a part of the mass and has his individual way of thinking can easily get along well with them. Uranus Rising individuals should be very careful when handling electrical devices. If the planet is aspected by malefic planets, there is a possibility of accidental electrocution or even being hit by a lightning. On the other hand, the individual may develop great skills in everything that involves technology and electricity, and this natal aspect can even create pioneer geniuses who can bring a lot of innovation to the world.

The native with Uranus conjunct the Ascendant usually develops psychic abilities and a high spirituality too; they can channel a lot of energy from the higher realms and it frequently happens that their body charges with real electricity. Next time you touch someone and a real electric spark appears, inquire where his Uranus is located – the results might surprise you! They enjoy thunderstorms and get charged by feeling them; nevertheless, as we already mentioned they should be very careful with this way of charging their energy and observe storms and lightning only from safe places. A frequent psychic power that can appear in their life is being able to know things they could not actually know.

Reading people’s minds, knowing people’s lives, predicting events is something quite common to appear. Also, they might discover inventions or otherwise achieve some kind of success after either seeing dreams of what they should invent or do, or after sudden ideas that strike like lightning bolts in their heads. They are able to download information from the collective subconscious and unconscious. When Uranus is also aspecting Mercury in their natal chart, their abilities are furthermore enhanced and can create a clairvoyant.

The individual can successfully be involved in any kind of Magick workings during his life; usually, he chooses a lone path and does not get involved in groups and organizations. He seldom uses ceremonial magic; such a native does not like systems and schools. A lot of people with this placement evolve into chaos magicians, even if they never even notice it in their life and just see series of weird events developing in front of their eyes. In case they start practicing Magick consciously, they develop their own system of practice. Natives with Uranus conjunct the Ascendant are usually interested in Astrology, numerology, tarot and other foreseeing methods.

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