Natal Uranus in the 4th House

Uranus is the most unpredictable planet, responsible for sudden events and change. When located in the 4th house, which is responsible for one’s roots, family, childhood, and residence, it usually signifies unstable conditions concerning these matters. Uranus is also the planet of technology, and when someone has it in the 4th house it indicates that a lot of investments will be made in new technology for his home. He would be the first to buy the 3D TV, the first to connect the fridge to his computer, and it is highly likely that he would dedicate his own effort in renovating the whole place.

Also, the unstable character of Uranus makes the native change decorations and characteristics of his personal space frequently, he gets bored easily and needs a new environment to feel good. Another possibility is of having an unusual family structure, since close friends or other parents’ relatives can be living with them, in the same house, thus creating a weird situation where the child observes more people being a parental figure for them.

The residence is unlikely to be a healthy environment for a child to grow, and this is what pushes the native to subconsciously often change of residence places in his mature life. He usually leaves home early for his new beginning, but changing places of living can become a habit exercised even when the surroundings are pleasant. The native needs to be constantly on the move. Also, a 4th house Uranian is highly unlikely to succeed in a predetermined road by his parents – he chooses radically different career options and general life approach.

A native with Uranus in the 4th house has a lot of residence changes, and separations from his roots are very usual. This could be the divorce of his parents, a need to relocate due to external reasons, and even to flee to another place due to wars, natural catastrophes or other unpredictable events. In case that there is separation from a parent, the most usual is that the mother is the one who leaves. She often is either an Aquarius or has a lot of planets in this sign. Also, she may have a very adversely aspected Uranus, which always gives a tendency to the native for fleeing from a situation.

The closer Uranus is to the cusp of the 4th house, the deeper in his childhood this events happened. In addition, neurological problems could be an issue of the family breakup, as Uranus is responsible for mental issues, especially when adversely aspected by the Moon. In case that Uranus in the 4th house is well aspected, the situation is quite different. The paradoxical planet can even bring a lot of benefits, as it can signify a rather different way of childhood years. One or both parents could be eccentric in a good way; this placement can signify a native born from hippie parents or other unconventional characters that do not follow the general rules of society.

With such a personal family background, it is natural that the child will also develop a different view both towards life and towards the domestic atmosphere, resulting in similar patterns when he creates his own family. In case that Uranus is well aspected by Jupiter, the childhood could be so magical that the chart owner is blessed with a life outside the borders that other parents have built for their children. Uranus has a lot to do with the paranormal and occult, so such a native can develop such kind of interests later in his life. Because the 4th house is responsible for one’s roots, it is possible that some kind of blessing or ability comes from his ancestors.

In case there is a conjunction of Uranus with the Sun, one should receive it through his father’s lineage, in case there is a conjunction with the Moon, through his mothers’. Uranus in the 4th house brings aversion to property ownership, and the native consciously has an attitude against it. He would always choose to have a good atmosphere in his surroundings, not caring so much either about the financial considerations or about the condition of the residence. It is how he feels inside, that makes him choose where to live. And, even if he finds the best choice, the most natural thing is that he will not stay there constantly. Uranus in the 4th house can even make someone having their own apartment, but preferring to sleep at other places; in extreme situations, he can become a nomad and enjoy a life on the move as a traveler.

This aspect by no means should be considered negative in advance, as in the end, it could even lead to a life full of happiness. In case that such kind of people stay in their own place, they would remain unhappy and would never reach their potential. After all, such natives are never too much connected to the terms “country”, “homeland” and they do not lose anything by leaving those behind. The chaotic attitude can be a stepping stone for discovering the native’s real self, and the best thing when Uranus issues rise is just to follow the instincts and flow with the reality.

After all, Uranian changes cannot be avoided as they are mostly external, so the best way is to re-adapt to the new surroundings; in the end, the results might bring a way better reality than the one which was crushed down before. Natives with heavily afflicted Uranus should always be careful of neurological and mental problems. With Uranus in the 4th house, this means that these health issues can be inherited from one of the parents.

The best thing such a native can do is to monitor himself frequently, for there is a pattern of reappearance of these diseases to the children. Of course, these are mostly triggered by heavy transits from other planets, and might not be at all triggered in one’s lifetime. The most probable is that Uranus will just have an influence on one’s nerves and temper. Search for the location of Mercury and the Moon; if there are no squares, oppositions and conjunctions to Uranus, the most likely is that no mental disease is ever to occur.

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