Natal Venus in Aries

With your natal Venus in Aries, the fiery sign will blend with the planet of affection, gifting it with dynamic attributes and affecting everything that Venus represent in your natal chart. Venus is generally governing pleasure and what attracts us, attachment to material things and subconscious urges to claim and make something our possession. It rules what we appreciate and brings us comfort, and of course feelings that can be described under the category “love”. Aries energy will make the native a fighter for what he loves, enjoying the process of conquering it equally with the conquest itself.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and has planet Mars as its ruling celestial body. Aries is also the natural ruler of the first house, which rules our ego. This will make Aries Venus people quite selfish, fulfilling their own pleasure and desires as a high priority in their lives. The hot temperament of Aries makes such natives attracted to people that are active, dominant, athletic and even violent. They simply cannot stay for a long time in calm and harmonic surroundings, as they get turned on by upheavals, tension and even fights. For them, love is a game of domination, in which they prefer to lose – or else they will lose their interest. A person with Venus in Aries cannot stay for long with passive people, and will feel rather uncomfortable in the presence of people who have a lot of water elements in their charts (especially Piscean and Cancerian). The energy of Aries may make him quarrel a lot, and expect retaliation from the other individual. This is a dance raising their spirits, heightening their libido and usually leading to strong passion and lust. Everything that is too vanilla cannot trigger those sparks that they need in order to experience their sensations to the fullest.

In the sign of Aries, Venus is in detriment and thus in its lowest potency. Aries is located directly opposite of the sign of Libra, where Venus is considered in domicile. The other sign where the planet is also in detriment is Scorpio, as it is opposite the sign of Taurus – which is a sign ruled by Venus too. This is a rather impractical placement to have in a natal chart, as the gentle, moist and feminine traits of Venus do not blend well with the dry and aggressive surroundings of Aries. It receives too much masculine energy, which can be directly reflected in the person’s character; making the native rather rough even in their most emotional responses. On the other hand, Venus placed here can be rather fun for the native, who will have a lot of thrills in his life, big ups and downs concerning his love life and will definitely not get bored. Yet, we should not forget that Aries is rather dry and fiery, making Venus rather impulsive, aggressive and hasty considering what it desires. Nevertheless, the raw Martian energy can be beneficial if assisted by other planetary positions. Additional information about Venus’ potency in each sign can be read in the article about Venus’ Essential Dignities.

We should note that Venus needs about a month to move to a next sign, and is the second quickest moving planet, as it is located very near the Sun. Also, it cannot be more than two signs away from the sign where the natal Sun resides in. Once per year and a half, Venus has a period of retrograde motion, where it moves backwards for apparently 40 days in the natal chart. Venus is impersonated by the ancient Greek god Aphrodite, who was the goddess of love, pleasure and beauty. Also, she is strongly connected to procreation, and naturally represents the divine feminine as an archetype (together of course with the Moon as it is the one side of the Sun-Moon dual axis).

A natal Venus in Aries is ideal for people that are involved in occupations involving machinery and mechanics, metal, and physical work. In addition, it will also make an individual be good athletes, trainers, military, firemen and excel in other similar types of professions. Alternatively, it will also make them turned on by people who are exercising such jobs.

When a native has his natal Venus in Aries, he will love mechanisms and their functions, and feel rather powerful when operating some sort of machine. Aries Venus natives have a strong affection for dismantling and re-assembling mechanic things, which of course also involve guns and weapons. This placement is also very good for military orientated people – they can be very good in the art of war. Needless to say that such individuals should be careful when they have difficult aspects in their natal charts, especially connected with malefic planets such as Mars, Saturn and Pluto. Their affection towards war may be a problematic malfunction of their Martian energy, connected with suppressed aggression or childhood traumas. Such behavioral patterns may prove quite unhealthy and even unsafe, as the native’s mind desires war and violence, and will even provoke it. Keep your fiery tendencies healthy, and try to channel that energy into more productive patterns. Learn a martial art, or practice a sport; As Aries is one of the most athletic signs, it is quite natural that Venus will bring a love of such activities. In addition, such individuals are very competitive, receiving strong pleasure through winning a battle. The battles do not need to be bloody and real in order to offer you the desired serotonin rush; you can beat someone in a game rather than beating him up.

People with Venus in Aries will simply love events where they can see competition, such as sports games in stadiums, concerts and more. Many times, this placement will also make them love events that include violence – such as boxing and other martial arts. This is a rather frequent natal placement for sports fanatics. On the other hand, this placement includes the danger of creating people who support violence themselves, receiving pleasure from the turmoil of such chaotic events.

When coming to affairs, a native with Venus in Aries is straight-forward. Even if the native is a woman, she will not hesitate to be the one making the first step. They know what they want, and are not afraid to dare and get it. Yet, even if they make the first step, they expect the other person to lead the process of seduction. Aries Venus individuals are interested in fiery people, and will quickly lose their interest when someone just follows. They actually prefer someone who is stronger and more dominant than them, or else they will get bored. For them, love is a challenge too, a fight where the heat of the battle is necessary. This is why they choose strong opponents, staying away from soft and romantic souls. They will kind of like the bad guys/gals, and this will also frequently lead to wrong type of partners. If you have this placement, be very careful to not choose people who have violent behaviors. You are indeed drawn towards overly active people, so filter out those who have uncontrolled outbursts and cannot tame their Mars. Even if you enjoy relations with tensions and fights, stay away from abusive people. You can always provoke those feelings of battle, yet in such ways that they are mostly simulated by both sides and not real.

When a woman has this placement in her natal chart, her mind tends to operate as a man’s one. She may have been a tomboy in her young years, preferring to hang out with boys over girls. Thus, she has developed a masculine way of thought, making her more robust and less emotional. One of the things she will mostly enjoy in her life is winning arguments against men, and she usually obtains a type of respect from males that no other women do.

Some sort of trouble that an individual with Venus in Aries can bring, appears when the native reaches his desired goal and gets what he wants. Then he is quickly bored and will usually find some other object/person of desire. As we already mentioned, the whole process of pursuing is arousing for such a person, while the result itself cannot usually satisfy him – unless of course the victory of pursuit is unstable and needs constant activity to hold on to it. Excitement is necessary to preserve the fire of passion, and having something as granted definitely does not empower excitement. There is also a tendency to not take love itself too seriously, yet rather chasing passion and intense feelings. Indeed, stability will make such individuals feel pressured, and they would rather easily dump their partner in order to start new interesting quests.

As Venus is connected with wealth and money, its presence in Aries can make the native become a quick and impulsive buyer. He will spend money as soon as he likes something, in order to make it his own property. The urge of obtaining something is escalating quickly, yet when he buys it he may rapidly feel empty again and not need that object any more. New desired purchases will instead become his goals, making the native have quite a lot of unused things in his home.

When a Venus in Aries is well aspected in a natal chart, the native can be very lucky in the life area that the sign of Aries rules. We should not forget that Venus is considered to be the most benefic planet after Jupiter. It will bring unexpected pleasant events concerning the house where it resides, and generally help things flow easily. On the contrary, bad aspects to Venus can bring quite a lot of problems mostly connected with overindulging in pleasures. Also, when the darker traits of Venus are awakened by difficult natal aspects, the person with a natal Venus in Aries may develop strong selfishness which will naturally hurt back through losses in order to balance out the natal chart. Overabundance for long is not tolerated by the karmic laws, so it is always wiser to exercise modesty.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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