Natal Venus in the 9th House

The presence of Venus in any house is a very beneficial placement, but when it is high in the heavens, it illuminates, even more, the worldly matters of the native. Natal Venus in the 9th house has a very positive effect on anything connected with education, religion, philosophy or travels. The native who has such a natal placement will love traveling and will quite enjoy his journeys. He will adore foreign languages and possibly learn more than one, while also be fascinated by foreign culture and religions. Such people will spend a lot of time reading about traditions, spirituality, getting connected with foreign philosophies through books. Their love for anything exotic will eventually help them travel a lot, while also gain much from this activity.

The 9th House, on a psychological level, represents your belief system and ethical and moral values. With Venus positioned in this location, the native can put aside the dogmas to make room for the most pleasant moments of his existence, the kind that can lead a person to have deep reflections on life, the universe and everything, and enjoy from this. Such ideas are likely to make the native always reevaluate his values ​​in a more relaxed way.

You tend to find pleasure in learning and education of any kind and may want to search for definitive answers about everything. If Venus is in contact with Saturn, the realism of everyday life and life can cause you to fall into the real and face it in a slightly less pleasant way, but in contact with Neptune, for example, it can lead to artistic experiences that you will be moving to the transcendence of your belief systems, moving a little further from the logical part and immersing yourself in the abstract.

This sector also governs publications, knowledge and, with it, higher education. Therefore, this position influences the learning and appreciation of things that develop your personality and your final identity, that is, that ultimately make you a more balanced and harmonious person.

It suggests being attracted to good, long journeys, where the desire to take them is most evident (especially if Venus is in good contact with Jupiter), as well as unknown places that are not necessarily only in the physical world, but also in the confines of the mind.

Regarding relationships, the natives tend to identify with people who are companions and willing to walk the path of life (or at least share the wanderings of the mind), or who don’t mind having a more relaxed relationship where the couple can have a little more freedom, like traveling alone, for example.

You can see more beauty in the old buildings, architecture, foreign and exotic people and beliefs, philosophy and education. Places like universities and churches may be more attractive. Higher knowledge has great appeal here, because the native can see a lot of relevance in this matter, looking for people who are similar in this regard.

You can be particularly good at dealing with people and advising them on topics such as medicine, psychology, philosophy, theology, law, or even more casual (though not so superficial) matters. He can also pay attention and be interested in organizations that have the purpose of uniting different people from different nations, where the person tends to see beauty in the plural because it is from this that he will face his greatest journeys of mental learning. It is likely that he has a broader, more global and barrier-free world view, as well as a uniting people approach or diverse ideas in mind.

This planet in House 9 will give a fairly high ideal in terms of passion and affect, with the need not to have limits, including in emotions. Of course the passions or the affective can be linked to foreign countries (knowledge or relations with people from different cultures or abroad), to discoveries, to travels, etc… with a need for exoticism. Moreover, conceptions often take feelings into account, and it is therefore important for the person that love is something big, beautiful, etc.

With positive aspects of Pluto, the boundless passion is further amplified, with those of Neptune it is the ideal that is stronger, with those of Uranus it will be more a great need for freedom and originality, with those of Saturn the desire for stability in relation to the ideal, with those of Jupiter the possibility of personal fulfillment, with those of Mars a better emotional balance, with those of Mercury the ability to express feelings and passions through words or writings, with those of the Moon it improves the ability to create artistically.

With difficult aspects of Pluto, the risk is to live sometimes painful or fatal passions, with those of Neptune the risk is to idealize too strongly, with those of Uranus it will be the difficulty to stabilize the desires in this area, with those of Saturn the risk will be dissatisfaction with the ideal, with those of Jupiter a tendency to want “too much”, with those of Mars a discrepancy between desires and feelings, with those of the Moon a tendency to unrealistic cravings and whims.

As always, we must synthesize the aspects to Venus taking into account the sign of Venus and the 9th house which is the backdrop to the way this domain is experienced.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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