North Node in the 11th House

Having your North Node in the 11th house of the natal chart automatically also means that the South Node is located in the 5th house. This natal placement of the North Node indicates a heavy emphasis on matters concerning one’s friends, while also groups and organizations of which the native is a member. In addition, the axis shows that your life lesson also involves your attitude towards your love life and affairs, while also children and your relations with them. In addition, it poses dilemmas between your private and public life. As the Lunar Nodes indicate Karmic debts and connections with previous lifetimes, the native who has the North Node in the 11th house must focus on his friendship circles.

Their North Node in the 11th house invites them to stop seeking personal consideration, and to devote themselves to an impersonal work. Often people who have this path of life will have the impression of working in this direction without really understanding the detachment that it requires. The key for these people is to feel or understand the project for which they can work and to devote themselves to it in an impersonal way, as a monk would do for his monastery. It’s about moving from the need to achieve to the desire to participate.

As long as their creations start from a need to achieve something personal, they will be stuck in their ego functioning and the projects will have difficulty in coming to fruition. Their North Node invites them to focus their energy on an achievement, a project that does not involve their need for personal success, that is, a work whose achievement they consider more important and above their need for consideration. personal.

It is important for these people not to “want to succeed” in their project, but to want to devote themselves to it. What is important is not to feel one’s importance or the importance of one’s participation, but to feel the joy of being able to contribute to an elaboration which has its importance independently of oneself.

Freed from the tension of the need for personal success, people who have the North Node in the 11th house will then be able to position themselves in a neutral energy where they will find a natural and joyful vitality in participating in a useful work for the collective. In fact, each time they feel caught up in emotional problems again, they will be able to get out of them by putting their energy back into the realization of a work that they offer or in which they participate without expectation of glory, success or significant reward. It is in this energy that they will experience joy and relief.

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