North Node in the 6th House

Having your North Node in the 6th house of the natal chart automatically also means that the South Node is located in the 12th house. This natal placement of the North Node indicates a heavy emphasis on matters concerning one’s daily routines and health, while also his work and relations with co-workers, employers or employees. In addition, the 6th/12th axis shows that your life lesson involves your attitude towards secrets, the occult, and places of restriction, while also the option of leaving behind your past lives and concentrating on your current reality. As the Lunar Nodes indicate Karmic debts and connections with previous lifetimes, the native who has the North Node in the 6th house must dedicate himself entirely to his current lifetime.

The North Node in the 6th house invites them to work concretely towards the realization of their lives. As children, these people took refuge in imaginary worlds to dream their lives instead of living their dreams. It is now a question for them of approaching the work which consists in living their dreams rather than dreaming their life.

As they get to work, they will learn step by step that the real world is not that bad and that it is worth taking part in. They will have to apply themselves to making part of their dreams real instead of just taking refuge in them. Their path is to go from dream to reality. They will not be asked to become workaholics, but to cut with their flight habits to shift their energy towards a desire to work in and for the world, instead of isolating themselves in their world.

It doesn’t matter that these people become great assets, that’s not necessarily the goal. To constrain them too much in this direction would oppose them with a harshness that would drive them back into their imaginary world. The important thing for them is to take a liking to everyday life. Creating and observing small rituals are good tools to enter into life. They are basically the kings of empty diaries with whole months on which they will have vaguely noted two or three appointments. Asking regularly to build their schedule for the week or month will help them considerably to understand everyday life in order to master it. If necessary, they will be able to reserve large beaches where they will mention: “there, I am not doing anything”. The important thing is not necessarily that they do a lot of things,

Their evolution goes through a form of discipline to enter the daily life, made of different times and rhythms. They will also need to take better care of their bodies, which they may have tended to ignore in their stratospheric world. Exercising regularly, even a simple walk, but with a strong awareness of what they are doing, is one of the tools they can apply concretely to turn part of their dream into reality. Between dreaming the sweetness of nature and going to meet it, they will gradually learn to discover the beauty of true nature, of life. By punctuating their days, they will learn to build an awakened presence in the world in which they will be able to bring, in a concrete and real way this time, their dearest dreams.

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