South Node 11th house

Being born with the South Node in the 11th house indicates that the native should give less importance towards being a member of groups and organizations, and instead concentrate on personal recreational activities. In addition, a vital karmic request of his path is to fall in love and experience eroticism, while also have a child or generally dedicate himself to children – even of other people. As the Lunar Nodes are always opposing each other, an 11th house South Node gives a 5th house North node. That placement has been excessively analyzed in the respective article. A person with the South Node in the 11th house feels quite comfortable in being a part of a group and interacting with a large amount of people.

People born with the South Node in the 11th house have a tendency to believe that they can only build their lives by relying on collective projects and not on personal creation. There is deep inside them a form of devaluation of their creative power and their self-esteem which makes them prefer collective initiatives to personal initiatives. It seems difficult for them to be able to rely on their own creativity to carry out their lives.

In their first part of life, they will seek to participate in collective projects and to fit into groups, to find business dynamics, rather than assuming personal creations. They can easily be erased in favor of the creativity of another. Putting themselves on the stage to promote a personal creation seems to them quite unaffordable. They could have the talent of a Leonardo da Vinci, they would still have a hard time imagining being able to put it forward so that it would interest someone. Basically, they confuse the esteem they have for themselves and their power to create, so much so that they refuse to create thinking they are not worthy of it. These people will first seek a collective movement to offer their support and labor force to rather than creating first.

They will often be quite sensitive to friendly ties and will find in fraternal movements, associations, brotherhoods and other group movements, a reassuring environment in which to integrate. They feel safe there because it will not require them to put forward a personal creation and assume it, but rather to agree kindly to the needs of the community, which they know how to do remarkably well.

As a result, these people, who have a personal creative potential like everyone else, find themselves sooner or later, in their lives, in a state of deep frustration, because they realize that their production does not correspond to their potential. creative. They have never really been asked for what they like to do and it becomes heavy because it painfully affects their pleasure in life.
Without knowing his creative power, a human being cannot know himself, nor enjoy life.

To find their creativity, which will restore their joy of living and their self-esteem, they will have to turn to the energy of their North Node in the fifth house.

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