South Node 9th house

Being born with the South Node in the 9th house indicates that the native should give less importance towards abstract truths, religion, and foreign traditions, and instead concentrate on developing skills that need detail. In addition, a vital karmic request of his path is to communicate more with people of his immediate surroundings and dedicate his time towards his siblings, cousins and generally people of his everyday reality. As the Lunar Nodes are always opposing each other, a 9th house South Node gives a 3rd house North node. That placement has been excessively analyzed in the respective article. A 9th house South Node person feels quite comfortable blending with foreign cultures or religions, while also any type of higher and abstract meanings.

People born with the South Node in the 9th house have a tendency to reject their cultural background and move away in search of a better world.

They do not like to mingle too much with what reminds them of their original culture, which they may consider uninteresting or vulgar. They will often prefer to move away from it to give themselves the means to study, meditate or devote themselves to all forms of practices or studies conducive to raising them towards a better world.

It may be that a part of them, faced with the absurdity of their childhood experience, has chosen to look “elsewhere”, to rise above the base considerations of everyday life, to find meaning more noble to existence.

These people have the belief that it is necessary to extract oneself from the culture of the medium of birth to find the exit, the solution, the door of happiness. They can do this through a frenzy of studies and various and varied explorations in the currents of thought or by going to meet distant cultures and landscapes. Often they seek the authentic in the wild world. In a way, the film “Into the wilde” could well express this quest for elsewhere.

At the beginning of life, their need for a higher existence pushes them to move away from the daily hubbub and to live on a remote plane to develop a consciousness different to their culture of birth. They can go abroad or to the countryside to join community, alternative, ecological, philosophical or religious lifestyles.

Their need for remoteness and solitary exploration ends up cutting them off from the world and everyday life. Instead of rising, they isolate themselves in a world of theories where life has no place.

They could escape to the depths of India in search of wisdom, they would end up with the same feeling of isolation that they have always known, humming the phrases of great sages without touching or living their deep wisdom. This confinement prevents them from building a pleasant life and relationships. They are unable to simply live their daily life and relate every event or word to their great theories of life.

After a while, they realize that their functioning locks them into a world disconnected from reality. Those around them get tired of their headaches, especially since they themselves end up being disappointed and disillusioned with the results of their personal investment in the great ideals of life which, over time, lose their flavor.

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