North Node in the 10th House

Having your North Node in the 10th house of the natal chart automatically also means that the South Node is located in the 4th house. This natal placement of the nodes indicates a heavy emphasis on matters concerning one’s career, fame, and authority over others. In addition, the axis shows that your life lesson also involves your attitude towards home, family, roots, and tradition. This will definitely create dilemmas between domestic life and work.

As the Lunar Nodes indicate Karmic debts and connections with previous lifetimes, the native who has the North Node in the 10th house must concentrate on evolving his career, obtaining strong roles in the community and gaining powerful reputation. Such types of natives have the karmic duty to become pillars for other people, and of course, this naturally brings responsibility but also fame. The North Node always shows what road we must follow in order to develop ourselves, and most of the times it is not the easiest one to choose.

Most people usually feel quite uncomfortable about marching towards fulfilling matters of the house where the North Node is located. This is because during previous lifetimes we have gathered a lot of experience concerning the South Node house matters. Indeed, we are a lot more acquainted with the roads we have already walked; yet life requires from us to abandon the safety of known patterns and face development through unknown areas.

For fulfilling our cause, the North Node strengthens everything it touches. Of course, a lot of fears can be present concerning the direction it indicates, as it is a terra incognita yet to be discovered. Yet, the North Node is quite beneficial when in conjunction with any planet present in the house, even if it is a “malefic”. Naturally, a malefic planet adversely aspected will still remain a rather harsh lesson to learn. Spiritual growth will be eventually reached; even if it comes through difficulties, but generally expect the North Node of the Moon to bless you with an expansion of the positive traits of any planet nearby.

The North Node in the 10th house implies that the native must follow the steps of his dominant parent, usually the father. A 4th house South Node usually gives great comfort at his home surroundings and urges the native to create a harmonious family. His mother’s love passes him the archetype of recreating pleasant atmospheres of his childhood when he becomes an adult. Yet, this is not the path that the native must follow. Such a placement can make him overly attached to his mother, but this chain of dependence must break. The chart owner should make the exact opposite, and flourish inside the social system instead of becoming a family person. Be careful, for a South Node in the 4th house may even pull you towards living long years with your parents, and make you strive to create your own family very quickly.

A tenth house North Node can give a father who is famous, or who has generally a very good reputation. This will place in the chart owner’s subconscious a good role model to follow. Indeed, while we are young and absorb information as sponges, such patterns can reach the deepest levels of our mind. We will then tend to recreate them as our own life progresses.

The 10th/4th house Lunar Node axis brings the dilemmas “Career or family”, “Metropolis or Birthplace”, “Innovation or Tradition”. As the native’s previous incarnations involved quite a lot of dedication towards family, agriculture, tradition, and home, he will feel a lot more comfortable with the idea to continue doing the same.

His current karmic path is to develop strong managerial traits, to dedicate himself to hard work and probably make a lot of personal sacrifices in order to achieve that. After all, he will someday notice that his role is creating a larger surrogate family: all those people who will depend on him. Those might be his employers, his co-workers or generally people who are somehow lower than him in the same pyramidic social structure that he rules.

Of course, one of the problems that the North Node in the 10th house can create, is having too little time to dedicate to your real family. It may be rather hard to sacrifice your personal time in order to dedicate to your career. The native may be afraid and unsure to make his steps towards such a way of life. Yet, the North Node is a great indicator for expanding your power and control above others. If the Sun, Jupiter or Venus are also present in the 10th house, success in career is guaranteed. In case that they are also conjunct the North Node, then it is even an indicator of karmic fame.

If you have the North Node in the 10th house, the decisions you should take concerning your life might be really hard as you will need choosing to give less time towards your beloved ones. Yet, you may be rewarded in unique ways that a typical family-orientated person cannot even imagine. Do not worry though, the North Node’s presence in the 10th house will aid you a lot from the moment you consciously choose to work on the 10th house’s matters.

When you activate your tenth house and balance the karmic axis between the two Nodes, you will be able to seek development in the fourth house related matters again. So, if family, tradition and a quiet life at home are important life dreams of yours, you may reach them in your elder years. Therefore, it is wise enough to start building your career empire quickly. By developing your tenth house, you are actually opening the 4th house gates too. Only then you will be able to use your South Node in a proper way, this time consciously.

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