Birth Chart Compatibility


Can something that seems as random as your birthday really have any bearing on whether or not you and your mate are compatibility?

While the idea of birthday compatibility may seem silly to some, there are many people who believe the day that we were born has a huge bearing on our personality, our life path and who we should date or marry.


According to astrology your zodiac sign has a great deal to do with how your life turns out.  If you have ever had your horoscope come true, then you may just be a believer in astrology.   Birthday compatibility is just another way that astrologers can decide your fate based on the Zodiac.

In order to decide if you are compatible with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife then you must first figure out each of your signs.  The chart below will help with that.

What?s Your Sign?

Your BirthdayYour Sign
March 21st through April 20thAries (Fire sign)
April 21st through May 20thTaurus (Earth sign)
May 21st through June 20thGemini (Air sign)
June 21st through July 21stCancer (Water sign)
July 22nd through August 21stLeo (Fire sign)
August 22nd through September 21stVirgo (Earth sign)
September 22nd through  October 22ndLibra (Air sign)
October 23rd through November 21stScorpio  (Water sign)
November 22nd through December 20thSagittarius (Fire sign)
December 21st through January 19thCapricorn (Earth sign)
January 20th through February 18thAquarius (Air sign)
February 19th through March 20thPisces ( Water sign)

Once you have located yours and your partner?s sign, you should check out the chart below to see whether you are compatible astrologically.

Horoscope Compatibility Chart

Your signCompatible SignsLeast Compatible Signs
AriesLeo or Sagittarius Cancer or Capricorn
TaurusVirgo or CapricornLeo or Scorpio
GeminiLibra or AquariusVirgo or Sagittarius
CancerScorpio or PiscesAries or Capricorn
LeoAries or SagittariusAquarius or Taurus
VirgoTaurus or CapricornGemini or Pisces
LibraGemini or AquariusCancer or Aries
ScorpioCancer or PiscesAquarius or Taurus
SagittariusAries or LeoPisces or Gemini
CapricornTaurus or VirgoAries or Cancer
AquariusGemini or LibraScorpio or Leo
PiscesCancer or ScorpioSagittarius or Gemini


Numerology is another way to decide birthday compatibility.  In order to decide whether you are compatible according to numerology, you need to first calculate your life path number.

You do this by reducing all the segments (day, month, year) of your birthday to single digit numbers and then reduce that number to a single digit. It is easiest to explain with example.

Say your birthday was: 11/8/1984

You would first add up the month:

1 + 1 =2

Then, add up the day:

In this case, you don?t have to add anything up.  Your single digit is 8.

Next, add up the year:

1 + 9 + 8+ 4 = 22

2 + 2 = 4

So, now that you have each segment reduced down to single digits you must add all of them up and reduce them to a single digit:

2 + 8 + 4 = 14

1 + 4 = 5

Your life path number in this example would be 4.

Once you have done this for you and your partner, check out the chart below to see if you are compatible.

Numerology Compatibility

1Have a lot of similarities but may clashGood matchInvigorating and exciting matchNOT a good matchIssues with possessiveness possibleGREAT matchFriends, not loversGood matchVery BAD match.  Lots of fighting!
2Good matchBoring matchNot a good matchGood matchGood matchJealousy issues may cause fightsGREAT matchWonderful matchNOT a good match
3Very good matchNot a good matchPossibly a good matchNot a good matchWill not last long-termGood MatchBad matchWill not last long-termCompatible but may have issues
4NOT a good matchGood matchNOT a good matchVERY BAD matchNOT a good matchVery CompatibleVERY bad matchGood matchVery bad match
5Jealousy issues likelyGood matchWill not last long-termNOT a good matchGood matchNot a good matchVery good matchExtremely good matchFriends but not lovers
6Good matchJealousy may be a problemGood matchVERY good matchNot a good matchVERY good matchNOT a good matchVery good matchGood match
7Friends but not loversGood matchNOT a good matchNOT a good matchVery good matchNOT a good matchNOT a good matchFriends not loversEXTREMELY compatible
8VERY good matchEXTREMELY good matchWill not last long-termVERY good matchEXTREMELY good matchEXTREMELY good matchFriends but not loversVERY good matchFriends but not lovers
9NOT a good matchNOT a good matchGood match but may have issuesVERY BAD matchFriends but not loversGood matchUnbelievable matchFriends but not loversVERY good match
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