Numerology life path 11 – Master Number

Numerology life path 11 is a master number. The numerology number 11 is special and unique. the one possessing this life path number is fully capable of accomplishing great things


First are your Character Traits

  • You can be impractical and a dreamer
  • Idealist and visionary
  • Tension of the nerves
  • Often an inspiration to others
  • Capable of rising to the top of any career he/she chooses

The Lesson

The life path eleven must learn to be aware what relationship his spiritual world may have with the material world. While this master number has added to him or her a higher perception and awareness along with more enhanced capabilities of understanding it will still take much effort on the eleven’s part to develop these gifts before fully capable of applying them to his life path.

Once developed this individual is capable of far more attainment than most others will ever be. Thus attaining higher material goals along with insights to the more esoteric pursuits in life.

The Negative Forces Within

The life path 11 must not use his/her special powers and insights for selfish or self serving ends. The negative 11 will accomplish little while lost in dreams of a perfect world, rationalizing his predicament while trying to find satisfaction in his/her life.

While the Life path 11 is capable of doing great things he/she must train themselves for the awareness they need in order to learn the lessons of this life and progress closer to the spiritual (not necessarily religious) world.

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