Numerology life path 3

The key to understanding your character traits and lessons to be learned in this lifetime

First are your Character Traits

  • Delightful conversationist
  • Social, can put others at ease
  • Good speaker or writer, has talent with words
  • Vivid imagination

The Lesson

The lesson for the life path 3 is an easy one since it involves the joy experienced in expressing oneself with warmth and honesty toward others. The 3 should cultivate and use the artistic talents and imagination in the fields of painting, writing, acting, etc.

The highest level of attainment in this lesson is to be able to creatively express self in a way that will allow him/her to enjoy and appreciate the beauty that can be found in this world. People will be delighted when the 3 is expressing the joy of living up to his/her potential.

The Negative Forces Within

The 3 will have to learn to deal with problems with ease which he/she is capable of doing by tapping into the joy inherit within. Maturing later than most, the moody critical side of the life path 3 may be difficult to overcome.

The 3 is on a lighter learning path than others. If a 3 has a hard time tapping into his/her own capabilities and talents he/she may retreat into their own little world, avoiding social contacts and begin responding to people in a critical and demeaning manner.

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