Numerology Life path Number 4

Positive and negative characteristics and the Lesson to be learned for a life path 4 in Numerology


First are your Character Traits

  • Capable of creating system and order.
  • Serious, honest and sincere.
  • Responsible
  • Strong sense of likes and dislikes
  • Practical
  • Hard Worker

The Lesson

The lesson for the life path 4 is quite simple. He/She must learn the advantage gained for self through system and order toward the accomplishing of his/her goals.

Learning to accept limitations, he/she must also learn there are many rewards by rendering service to others in spite of the hardship (limitations) it may cause in any area of the life of a life path 4.

Being aware of the many limitations in life, inner self, the environment and of his or her on endurance and physcial strength, often feeling they limit self more than anyone else and learning to live in peace and harmony with the limitations will eventually allow the life path four to accomplish his/her life path lesson. That is the path to gaining the victory for soul growth.

The Negative Forces Within

The lifepath 4 must guard against letting feelings of inadequacies and limitations get the upper hand. A stubborn and rigid manner may be causing the 4 some personal problems but he/she will not acknowledge this fact to self or others.

Only when the 4 focuses on the positive inherent in limitations will he/she follow the path to completion of a lesson well learned.

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