Numerology Life path Number 8

Numerology tells you how your personal life path number 8 affects you


First are your Character Traits

  • Practical
  • Stubborn
  • Good judge of character of others
  • Self-confident
  • Executive abilities
  • Very Dependable
  • Ambitious

The Lesson

The lesson to be learned is how to get and keep power and material gains while getting along with others in peace and dignity. This person will not be a dreamer and lost in a cloud of foggy thinking or be a visionary but instead has to learn to get along in the practical, material world to gain the satisfaction this lesson will bring when thoroughly learned.

To create a satisfying role in this life the number 8 must take an effective approach by utilizing all his/her skills and organizational capabilities. He/she will be concerned with only the best things in life in order to gain the satisfaction he/she seeks.

The Negative Forces Within

Achieving the power the Numerology lifepath eight represents will come from growth and development along the path of self improvement guarding against the negative feelings of limitations and dissatisfaction.

Feeling limited will mean he/she needs to achieve a higher level of self-confidence and could devote several years just raising that level in self.

On the negative numerology number 8’s journey through life a misuse of power over others will result in resentment and hostility, possibly from those he/she needs the most.

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