Astrology: You Are More Than Just Your Sun Sign


Different Ways to Find Out More About Your Character

Astrology is a great tool to use for those interested in learning more about oneself, family friends and, lovers. Newspapers, magazines and other sources relating only have vague description of horoscopes that generalize a whole group of people based on their Sun Sign alone.

Sorry to put Aries people on the spotlight, but some descriptions for them is they are prone to get angry easily and ready to get in a fight. Well not all is like the example used and it is unfair to assume all Ariens are the same.

As it has been said before, there are more to horoscopes than someone sun sign. For those interested in learning more about astrology, here is a small sample of some Astrology 101 tips.

Each as a whole represents your birth/natal chart. This is where you look at yourself as your own unique individual that separates you from others sharing the same sign sign.

Sun, Moon Ascendant

It has been said that the three combos, Sun, Moon and Ascendant are the main important clues to get a whole picture of what a person are. Its natural ruler is the Sun and ruling the 5th house (Leo).

The Sun describes our Ego, conscious, our own individuality and how we are perceived by others on a daily basis. It is the essence of what one are in this life. The house positioned in our charts will be distinctive and one would take on some of the qualities based on what house the sun is located.

The moon represents our emotions and our behavior subconsciously. Its naturals ruler is the 4th house (Cancer). The Moon is about securities or lack of it, our deepest instincts, needs and our emotional fulfilment.

Whatever Moon sign you have in your birth chart, would depends on how one will act in any situation involving one’s emotions.

The Ascendant gives the impression we put out to others. Depending on what sign it is in and the degree, we will tend to act out the rising sign for better or worse. It also can be noted to be the mask we wear in the outside world until people get to know our real inner (moon) self and basic (sun) qualities.


Signs and its Planets


The planet of action, risks and sexual desires. This is where we act assertive, putting our best foot forward in any circumstance and to fight to get what we want till the end. The bad qualities associated with this planet are the aggressiveness, rash behavior and impulsion. Its natural ruler is the 1st house of Aries.


Lighthearted planet is all about love and money. Being the opposite of Mars, Venus is all about peacefulness seeking balance and beauty. This is where we are artistically inclined having atheistic tastes and our life tells the story of romances, marriage and attraction to our partners.

Also money is associated to Venus as well showing how we spend our money and what we are likely to buy for others. The negative side is becoming vain, and superficiality. Its ruler is in the 2nd (house of money) Taurus; and the 7th house of marriage and open enemies Libra.


Rules all communications, logic and as well as our work and health (Virgo). This is how we communicate to others and show our most intellectual side; whether we are giving a speech or having a conversation or debate and how we connect to others on a mental level.

The negative side of mercury is indecisiveness, and overly critical. It is the natural rule of the 3rd house (Gemini) and the 6th house (Virgo).


Note: Despite recent studies of astronomers knocking out Pluto as one of the nine planets and labelling it as dwarf, there are some people and astrologers who will still use Pluto in their chart and associate with whatever aspects it is connected to.

Pluto, the “planet” of death and other people’s money. This is the place for people to “clean house” and start anew for the good or bad depending on how one view it. Pluto is where we look forward to heritance and transformation in our lives.

This is also an outer planet that serves a whole generation of people in one sign that will be affected by Pluto one way or the other. The negative side of Pluto is obsessions and the need for control. Its ruler is the 8th house of Scorpio.


Full of optimism and expansion, this planet brings out luck, philosophy, our knowledge of subjects and how we view things on a moralistic level. This is where we look out for the brighter side of life which can give us hope in the long run.

The negative side of Jupiter is being overly optimistic and excessiveness.It’s natural ruler is the 9th house of Sagittarius.


The planet of restricting and limitations. It is our reality check where things in our lives would be put in its place. Saturn wants us to see what we our doing wrong and ways which we can correct ourselves and take responsibility of our own actions.

It can sometimes teach us a hard lesson but at the end, it will be all for the better such as having more maturity. The negative side of Saturn is being isolated and rigid. Its natural ruler is the 9th house in Capricorn.


This planet is all about unexpected surprises and new discovery. Uranus will come at a person when they least expect it and is the total opposite of Saturn which about routine.

‘It is about changes, inventing and reinventing, expressing originality into ones character or towards the outside world. Another outer planets a whole generation will share and possibly could relate to in some way as well.

The negative side of Uranus is rebellion, lack of feelings and not taking on certain weigh of responsibly. Its natural ruler is the 11th of Aquarius.


Karmic connections resides in this planet. As well as becoming spiritually evolved within ourselves can be one of the most fulfilling thing in our lives. Neptune only wants people to treat one another fairly and show empathy.

Our psychic abilities, dreams and secrets come out when Neptune is around. Also an outer planet that will play out a role for each generation of people that will express itself in the world. The negative side of Neptune is illusions and gullibility. Its natural ruler is the 12th of Pisces.

Now all twelve planets and it houses is explained, there is another factor that in each natal chart there would be question, “what purpose would be served in this lifetime on Earth” The answer to that is to look at the Nodes.


The North Node or what some people called, True Node represents our present life and what needs to be learn now in order to fulfill the orders on this Earth.

Our South Node is the past, whatever we done in the past, could be played out again in our present life now. For example if a person has a North Node Cancer, the South Node will be the opposite which is Capricorn.

The person will have to learn in this life, is sensitivity, showing one’s emotions for others, becoming a nurturing and caring individual. The flip side of Capricorn, especially the negative side of it, is not to be too serious, overly ambitious and to relax a little and enjoy life.

The South Node can bring a good side to one’s life as well; carrying special gifts from the past which can come naturally to the person in this lifetime. North/South Node will play out differently for each individual depending on where the house is in.

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